India Traveling Photo Exhibit
 A Visual Journey Through India
Atman Press is pleased to announce that it has joined with the Indian American Education Foundation (IAEF), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the mainstream about India and Indian Americans, to present the Traveling Photo Exhibit. The photographs are selected from Robert Arnett's internationally acclaimed book India Unveiled, winner of 3 national awards.

Through an informative and enjoyable visual experience, the exhibit highlights the diversity of India and is an excellent multicultural tool for promoting understanding and harmony. It is a perfect display for schools, libraries, universities, and museums.

"UGA student response was tremendous. Each photograph so vividly captures
the people, culture and beauty of India...A wonderful way to expand their
understanding of global cultures."                  
                                                              -- Chantel Dunham, Director of Development, University of Georgia Libraries


  University of Texas, Arlington
  Museum of Science and Technology (MOSI), Tampa, FL
  University of Washington
  University of Georgia
  The Columbus Museum, Columbus, GA
  Sheth Family Foundation, Atlanta, GA
  Jointly by Duke University, University of North Carolina, and North Carolina State University

To create a stronger America by promoting understanding and harmony among our diverse cultural and religious groups.
  To provide a multicultural educational resource for facilitating a dialogue between students, their teachers, and the community.
  To increase cultural competency and enhance global skills in students.
The exhibit gives an insight into India's diverse culture and includes 35 individually framed and matted museum quality photographs, 4 informational wall plaques (History of India, Religious Diversity, Symbols, and About the Photographer), and one large color map of India.
11 Vertical Photographs, 14" x 11"
Framed and Matted Size, 22.25" x 16"
6 Horizontal Photographs, 11" x 14"
Framed and Matted Size, 16" x 22.25"
2 Vertical Photographs, 14" x 9.5"
Framed and Matted Size, 22.25" x 14.5"
2 Horizontal Photographs, 9.5" x 14"
Framed and Matted Size, 17.5" x 19"
8 Vertical Photographs, 20" x 16"
Framed and Matted Size, 29.25" x 21"
4 Horizontal Photographs, 16" x 20"
Framed and Matted Size, 21" x 29.25"
1 Vertical Photograph, 24" x 20"
Framed and Matted Size, 32.25" x 25"
1 Horizontal Photograph, 20" x 24"
Framed and Matted Size, 25" x 32.5"
Sample of a framed and
matted photograph
1 Vertical Color Map of India
Framed and Matted Size, 32.5" x 27.5"
4 Informational Wall Plaques
(Dimensions given below are for the matted size):
"About the Photographer"
(20" x 19")
"History of India"
(24" x 20")
(24" x 20")

"Religious Diversity"
(16" x 20")
35 Color Photographs, framed and matted to museum specifications. Mat dimensions are 2.5" on three sides and 4.5" at bottom. The description of the photograph is placed in a window 1 7/8" x 9" cut in the mat underneath the photograph. The black frame is 1" wide and is wired for hanging.
15 Photographs vertical format 22.25" x 16"
5 Photographs horizontal format 16" x 22.25"
7 Photographs vertical format 29.25" x 21"
4 Photographs horizontal format 21" x 29.25"
1 Photograph vertical format 32.25" x 25"
3 Photographs horizontal format 25" x 32.25"
4 Informational Laminated Wall Plaques: History (24" x 20"), Religious Diversity (16" x 20"), Symbols (24" x 20"), and About the Photographer (20" x 19"). Three wall plaques include color photographs.
1 Large Color Map of India, 32.5" x 27.5"

The exhibit can be purchased from Atman Press. We will be happy to help make arrangements for your Traveling Photo Exhibit to be administered by your area university or museum.

To order the Traveling Photo Exhibit for your area or for further information, please contact Atman Press at:

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