• 224 pages, 9" x 12", hardcover
  • Includes Glossary, Index and
    maps of India new states
  • 268 color photographs on acid-free archival paper
  • ISBN: 978-0-9652900-4-3

Revised Deluxe 5th Edition
Over 39,000 copies sold
In over 7,500 libraries

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Independent Publisher Book Awards: Best Travel Book of the Year
Benjamin Franklin Award: Best Travel Essay of the Year
Mid-American Publishers Association (MAPA): Best Armchair Travel Book of the Year
MAPA's Best Color Photography Book of the Year First Runner-up
British Book-of-the-Month Travel Club Selection

Purchased for each of its high schools by Fairfax county School Board, VA

India Unveiled by Robert Arnett has been internationally acclaimed as one of the most revealing compendiums ever written about the country. The stunning photography and engaging text with an insightful portrait of its people, landscape, and diverse culture truly captures the essence of India, one of the oldest continuously surviving civilizations on earth.

It is possibly the only book written by a westerner that has been officially recognized by an Indian Prime Minister. India Unveiled was presented by the Government of India to President Clinton and the White House Press Corps during his presidential visit to India. India's UN Ambassador presented India Unveiled to all the UN Ambassadors.

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