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    Robert Arnett

Robert Arnett is the author and photographer of the internationally acclaimed book India Unveiled that has won 3 national book awards. It is probably the only book on India ever written in the West to receive official recognition by an Indian Prime Minister. He is also the author of Finders Keepers?, a children's book set in India, illustrated by Smita Turakhia, that has won 5 national book awards.

Arnett giving presentation    
at The Smithsonian Institution    

Arnett has mounted a traveling photographic exhibit comprising of 40 photographs from India Unveiled. Several sets of the exhibit are sponsored by museums, universities, and private foundations.

A native of Columbus, Georgia, Arnett has a Master's Degree in History from Indiana University. Undergraduate studies were at Tulane University, University of Georgia, and the London School of Economics in England. While serving nineteen months in Turkey as one of the youngest Commanding Officers in the Signal Corps, he taught History of Western Civilization for the University of Maryland, European Division.

Mr. Arnett has been interviewed on National Public Radio, Voice of America, South African Broadcasting Corporation, and various television appearances.

Arnett during book tour.

A nationally recognized speaker, Arnett has given slide presentations on India widely throughout North America to include The Smithsonian Institute, The Kennedy Center, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford Universities. He was a speaker at The Parliament of World Religions held in Cape Town, South Africa in December 1999.

His Corporate presentations include AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Delta Airlines, British Petroleum, and General Electric Corporation.

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About Robert Arnett's India Slide Presentation

Robert Arnett and Smita Turakhia featured at the

 Houston International Festival.


The slide presentation captures the essence of India, its people, culture, temples, pilgrimage sites, monasteries, Himalayan mountains, and other remote sites seldom visited by travelers and includes art, history, and personal anecdotes from his travels through various regions of India.

His positive approach makes it an excellent presentation for youth as well as for adults. The presentation lasts for an hour but can be shortened to fit the available time.

For a slide presentation in your area, you may contact Mr. Arnett at AtmanPress@gmail.com

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